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Bankruptcy is a word that intimidates many people. With connotations of failure and financial ruin, this isn't something many people take lightly. However, bankruptcy doesn't have to mean the end of your financial prospects. Ivan Trahan Attorney at Law is a trusted bankruptcy law firm in Temecula, CA. With our affordable bankruptcy attorney, Ivan Trahan, by your side, you can start down the path to financial recovery.

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Any kind of financial disaster will disrupt your life, so you need a trusted law firm by your side during the bankruptcy process. We're a bankruptcy law firm that assists clients with:

You'll work closely with our husband-and-wife team to sort through your finances and find the best way forward for your situation. Call 619-578-1941 now to speak to our dedicated bankruptcy attorney.

If you need an affordable bankruptcy attorney, you want to find one who understands your business or financial situation and will help you move forward. Many of our clients choose us because we:

Are locally owned and operated
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We've helped clients through all kinds of situations during our 40 years of serving our community, so you can trust us when you need to navigate a bankruptcy. Reach out to us today if you have any questions for an attorney.

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