Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

chapter 13 bankruptcy

Don't Lose Your Home to Debt

Learn more about Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Temecula, CA

If you need to declare bankruptcy, you'll want to explore your options fully. One of your potential options is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Ivan Trahan Attorney at Law in Temecula, CA is a committed Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney who will walk you through the process. He will help you determine if you qualify for bankruptcy during an initial consultation and provide a quote for bankruptcy services.

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When to file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy provides a route for declaring bankruptcy without losing all your assets. You may need to file if you:

  • Fall behind on payments
  • Need a new payment structure
  • Can't afford to lose the items you owe money on

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can help you file for bankruptcy while keeping your home or car. With this kind of bankruptcy, you can start to rebuild your finances without having to start over completely. Email us today to set up a consultation.

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